Youtube mobile app comments

images youtube mobile app comments

However I can also tap the heart icon to say I love the comment. Don't like this video? Why Apple Doesn't let other companies use iOS? Make sure the option you select accurately portrays the comment since you don't want to falsely flag the comment. Download my video upload checklist at: Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? The next video is starting stop. If I tap on the youtube creator studio app, go straight to my dashboard I can tap the menu at the top and tap comments to see all my list of new comments. Curious Elephantviews. Shubham Avasthi 48 6.

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    It depends on whether you are using the android or the iOS app. For Android, scroll down on the right side of your screen (where the suggestions feed is) and. You should be able to.

    images youtube mobile app comments

    I can see them on mobile on the native iOS app and on the mobile website. Can you upload a screenshot of what you're. Either every single youtube veil I watch has disabled commenting, or there's a secret button somewhere that allows you to read and post on.
    Doing so will remove the comment on desktop.

    I just can't find the "Like" button for comments.

    Jack Maddington 9 By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. If I delete a comment I made, will the replies to it also be deleted? If you want an app for quickly shooting videos, plus reply to comments, use the YouTube App.

    images youtube mobile app comments
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    Several videos endwith the youtuber asking to leave comments below. If I want to reply to comments on any of my videos, just tap the menu icon, tap videos. Please try again later. Go to the video where the comment is located.

    It's in the lower-right corner of the comment you wish to remove. Company Man 1, views.

    Its still not possible to thumbs up or down a comment using the Youtube app.

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    People have been complaining for years about it. Scroll down to find the comment field. Your comment will be public.

    The information below is about the YouTube Studio mobile app. Learn more about using the comments page on your computer. You can review, manage, and .
    Special Effects Editing with iMovie - Duration: You can delete any of your own comments or you can delete comments made by other people that are posted on your channel. How to Download a Video from Facebook - Duration: Article Summary X 1.

    You'll see Delete if you're removing your own comment from a video, or Remove if you're removing another user's comment from your own video. Select Report mobile or Report spam or abuse desktop. This video is unavailable.

    images youtube mobile app comments

    images youtube mobile app comments
    Think Mediaviews. Where Do Deleted Files Go? Unwanted commercial content or spam Pornography or sexually explicit material Hate speech or graphic speech Harassment or bullying - If you select this option, you must select a type of harassment toward you or toward another user before continuing.

    More Report Need to report the video? If the comment is on one of your videos, you can instead tap your profile icon, tap My channeland select the video in question mobileor you can click My channel in the upper-left side of the page to select a video desktop.

    Can you tell us which parts were out of date so we can update them?

    On a lot of videos, it says "Comments disabled for this video" when I know for certain that they haven't been disabled.

    I know this because some. Hey, would you look at that? The YouTube app is getting a much-needed change to improve its usability. This test focuses entirely on the comments section, which is an integral (and sometimes dark) part of YouTube. Essentially, the comments are.
    How many accounts need to report that user?

    Hardware and technical stuff. However I can also tap the heart icon to say I love the comment. Did this summary help you? I just can't find the "Like" button for comments.

    Liking a YouTube comment from the app.

    images youtube mobile app comments
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    Top 10s Recommended for you. Doing so will report the comment and hide it from your view. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

    Shubham Avasthi 48 6. Unbox Therapy 4, views. Please try again later.

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