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Sounds a bit frustrated by the share price drop after the 'indicated' upgrade, can't blame him but people get impatient and volume was tiny. Still plenty of hours left for it though. I have excellent gains on this, whereas you have been sitting there bad mouthing me and the company, yet never thought to take advantage of the opportunity that was there. No, that is why you have a reputation for being full of it. Hardly a traditional society!

  • Robert Griffin III Suffers Concussion In Preseason Game Against Lions
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  • 08/11/1rodson: well I have really started the ball rolling all those months ago when Cameron came across as being ;less than straight with his. Lionsgold Chat & Discussion Lionsgold Top Chat Posts due course.

    images lion chat advfn

    https://. Date, Subject, Author, Discuss. 06/11/RODSONS aka Dan Miller Twitter page to save the peasants for lionsgold only has 75 followers lol.
    Participate in Share Chat. Lolololololololo is that the reason why I am always one jump ahead of you? Traditions do change however, are there those intelligent enough to challenge tradition and adapt to new ways?

    Im hoping for some good news in an update today. They are definetly on manoeuvres:

    images lion chat advfn
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    This is fresh air and hope. Traditions do change however, are there those intelligent enough to challenge tradition and adapt to new ways?

    images lion chat advfn

    Just so typical to be leaving things to last moment having laid out a timescale yet again! No chance for all of us, no hope and bob hope.

    They will only accept real gold in their hands as it will buy food, warmth, shelter and will make them feel happier knowing they hold it in their possession. There is about a million pounds in cash and further revenue is soon to flow.

    Date, Subject. 03/4/sea7: Miller, we have had this conversation before. You were ramping the hell out of GDP when you were buying at p.

    Was just reading advfn board MXO.

    I see they LION Share Chat 1. LION Share LION Broker Tips / Recommendations Share Discussion for Lionsgold. My Sunshine Bear: I have got to go back and finish some of chapter forty six; so I guess I'll chat with you tomorrow! By the way! I wrote the lyrics to “Praying 4.
    Actually looks like they've just ditched the PO Box number from the address.

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    While London South East do their best to maintain the high quality of the information displayed on this site, we cannot be held responsible for any loss due to incorrect information found here. Lolololololololololo lolololololololo Have a great day This is fresh air and hope. FR - yes I don't think we ca

    images lion chat advfn
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    That's what I'm here for, but like anything else it's a gamble. Hoped for a 7am RNS but to no joy. This is fresh air and hope. Perhaps you ought to take a look at your own abilities in this game, before casting aspersions on others.

    No chance for all of us, no hope and bob hope.

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    images lion chat advfn

    Yarmuth most . motifs from the Early Bronze Age (see discussion below). Real-time share price updates and latest news for Lionsgold Ltd (LSE:LION). Compare across sectors, industries & regions. Jimmy Raye III's father played quarterback on Michigan State's championship team.

    Robert Griffin III Suffers Concussion In Preseason Game Against Lions

    He's now the newest member of the Detroit Lions.
    Hi Guys, been doing some research into lions gold and it sounds very interesting: Professional News Complete real-time news for UK equities professionals and active non-professional traders.

    Or try this instead: I thought the finland drill would generate cash? You don't even begin to know the gains I have made playing this dawgie GDP All I have been saying is that it's not a safe investment to hold on to. I'm assuming it's an internal move not a mistake.

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    images lion chat advfn
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    Set up an online Virtual Portfolio. I have spoken out for CP and defended his track record even, despite the fact we still have no news in the lead up to our shares now being cancelled. Gee, reading comprehension isn't your string point, is it?

    Lionsgold Share Chat Chat About LION Shares LION

    I'd go myself to look but am now miles away. And sorry to hear treble,your deffo more worse off than me with that value. The Geomysore revaluation only a couple of weeks away might get a better reception.

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